My Friend is Not Only a DJ

I love music and I have met some very talented musicians who create the music they play. Street musicians, classical musicians, pop, rock, jazz musicians, I have met them all. A friend of mine is a DJ. A really good DJ actually. Met him in a club right after he finished with his set. I approached him and complimented his mix, and from that moment on we hit it off. As I got to know him, I realized that he is not only a DJ who is good in his craft, but a really talented person with an eye for aesthetics and a sense of art, but most of all, he is really good with his hands.

Once I visited his place. He wanted to show me his new beats. When you enter his house, the first thing you notice is that he built the entire interior with his own hands. He simply can’t sit still, which is why in his courtyard he has a shack with different tools and materials that he uses for his creative outbursts. And just when you think that he’s exhausted his creative energy, he has a new project going on. My favorite project of his is definitely the table he made out of wood, glass, and plastic. The design was futuristic while the materials gave it a contemporary look.

Another interesting project he showed me was a collaboration with other artists. The project mainly had to do with the production of video art. To be frank, their video art was really experimental and I could not fully get involved in the idea. But I saw that they were on to something.

Nonetheless, we finally went to his room where I noticed a drum set, a Clean Breathing air-purifier made out of a ventilator, and a drilling machine. At first, I was stunned, but then he showed me that he uses this stuff to create new beats. Apparently one night he was inspired and decided to experiment. He assembled all the necessary material for several days and was working on this project for a month. Then he recorded the sound onto his computer. I think I was the first one who heard the beats. Maybe at first, I was stunned by his creative energy, but after I heard those beats, I came to the realization that he truly is one of the most talented individuals I know.