A Heartbreaking Story

For today’s blog, I have a sad story about a member of a local string quartet from my community. I frequent the concerts and know the violinist well. Having your instrument harmed or stolen is the worst thing that can happen to a musician. Violins of great quality are enormously expensive, but it is more than that. The instrument may be borrowed from a noted collector or is on loan from an orchestra. In most cases, it is selected for its beauty and quality of sound. The player gets used to it and losing the precious object can be devastating. But it happened to this woman. After a rehearsal for an upcoming performance, this lovely person was attacked behind the concert hall. The violin was grabbed as a last-minute thought since she was helpless and on the ground. By the time she was erect, the aggressor was long gone. She looked far and wide in pawn shops and did not find the instrument. She is still hoping and has informed all managers to be on the lookout for this priceless violin

I can imagine her suffering. It will be some time before she can secure an equivalent violin. The cost is prohibitive. Meanwhile, she is talking to people about self defense and what measures a woman can take if she finds herself in a dangerous position. She doesn’t have time to take martial arts classes although they come highly recommended. They give you self confidence and the kind of assurance you need to face an assailant without paralyzing fear. Otherwise, you might give in without a fight. Men are more likely to want to retaliate, making this option all the more vital for the opposite sex.

While learning hand-to-hand combat or at least some strategic karate moves takes time and effort, you can also buy many products like the ones at this web site that will serve as deterrents should you be attacked. Probably the best known is pepper spray. It comes in a small purse size for the ladies and is easily accessible in seconds. A quick blast is all you need to immobilize your mugger for up to forty-five minutes. He will suffer quite a bit of pain in the eyes and nose in the interim. Some models come on a keychain that includes an LED light. It is very effective at surprising a robber in the dark and is likely to make him run. Yelling or screaming has the same effect. A combination of tactics is advised in quick succession.

Protecting yourself is vital for anyone who has faced peril in the past because you know what it feels like to be a victim. Even if you have gone unscathed, surely you have heard enough horror stories like this one about the young violinist. She had anxiety for weeks after her confrontation. She couldn’t sleep at night and kept the lights on inside the house. Learning about self defense can help you take control of a dire situation and give you the ability to react appropriately without incurring additional aggression.