Playing on My Harp Strings

The harp is, in my opinion, the most romantic instrument ever made.  It is perfect when played at a wedding and I have even heard it played at a funeral and it was quite touching as well.  The harp is even in modern music in songs you might never suspect.

“The Pretenders’ had the harp in the song “Middle of the Road” featured Chrissie Hynde on the harp, solo.  The Rolling Stones used the harp too in the song “Miss You” where Mick Jaggar played the harp.  Now that was something and actually was quite good.  Bonnie Raitt had the harp in “Runaway” which was pretty amazing.

There are all different types of harps and of course, they all create their own unique sounds.  There are the ancient harps which are intriguing to me because they take me back in time to the days of old.  I can almost taste, feel and smell the culture of that era when I hear the beautiful music.

Then there is the more classic sounds of the harp such as in the orchestra or at a wedding or even in a church service.  The harp has a presence and is romantic and soft yet bold with its undertones and as well.

There are modern sounds of the harp like the electric harp.  It is somewhat like the electric guitar in contrast to the acoustical sound.  Some electric harps can play both electric and acoustic which is very appealing but a true electric harp with a solid body can only be played as an electrical.  There is a modern air to the way it sounds, with a distinct different connotation than that of its counterpart.

Most every nation has a version of harp and most date back to ancient times.  It seems that the harp is timeless.  It has been loved throughout the ages and that will probably never change.  I know I fell in love with the harp the first time I heard it played solo.  It was at a wedding and I knew that I had to learn to play.

I am not gifted at harp playing although I don’t sound bad either.  I love to try though.  It wipes away my worries for the day and leaves my soul refreshed, the way I feel when I listen to a harpist play but it is rewarding to be attempting to play on my own.

I think the more I let loose and don’t think about what I am doing and let the strings bring me in, the better I play.  It’s like a trance when I am letting go but if I think too much about what I am doing, the notes sound stringy and very awkward.  The same is true when I play the piano.  If I overanalyze the notes, I sound downright horrible.  So, it’s really no different but seems to be more dramatic when coming from the harp.

To me, the harp is the most amazing musical instrument ever created.  It has been around for hundreds of thousands of years and is made in so many fashions by so many people but yet there is a common note among those of us who worship the sound of its strings and the joy it brings us.