The Violin: Stealing the Hearts of Many

The Violin  Stealing the Hearts of Many

I am in love with the sound of the violin.  It sweeps me away each and every time I hear it played.  I find it very inspirational, almost spiritual.

I used to think I was being a bit sensitive to feel such emotions all from the sound of the violin.  I mean…it’s just a sound.  Or, is it?

I like to read about the violin too and was researching its history one day when I realized that mankind has worshiped the violin sounds for centuries.  I am not the odd man out like I thought I was.  I’m just one more soul who lost his heart to the magic of this fine instrument.

The first I can find of the violin in history is about 900 AD and was from the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantium as it was also called.  The violin of those days was called the lyra back then and was a little different than the violin today but not all that much.

Much to my delight, I have found that the lyra is mentioned in the Bible.  It is mentioned in Genesis and other places as well.  Many times that it is mentioned is in spiritual reference.

I find the notes from the violin to be spiritual but without denomination or any of the arguable differences of organized religions.  It is just there for the taking of the soul and spirit and is uplifting to me as well as motivating too.

Although I love and adore the sounds of the violin, when played solo or with other instruments, I have never tried to play.  I have heard that it is a very disciplined instrument to master if one wants to really excel and to master it.  I have also read that those who do play well are consumed with it and that there is a fine art to reaching that point in playing.

I have a keen ear for music but am not myself musical.  I would love to play but I just do not think it is for me nor that I am for it.  I will respectfully opt to simply listen to others play and enjoy that.

Jascha Heifetz is my most favored violinist.  His talent, in my opinion, is unsurpassed by any other, past or present.  He was born in Lithuania but became an American citizen by choice.  His works span from 1917 to 1967 when he suffered an injury to his arm and went into teaching instead of performing.

My favorite piece by Heifetz is Brahms’s Violin Concerto with Reiner and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra which he recorded in 1955.  I am amazed by his talent and cannot get enough of his music.

I also like Arcangelo Corelli as many others do as well.  He was from back in the late 1600’s and early 1700 and was phenomenal.  I especially love Corelli’s Concerti Grossis film soundtracks and recordings as well.  He had a very unique style and was the choice violinist for many royalty in those days.  Queen Christina of Sweden and the Price of Bavaria both had him in their service for a time.

The violin is angelic to me.  It brings to me a spiritual completeness.  The more I learn, the more I find that I am not at all alone in this matter and that the violin has stolen the hearts and souls of many.