Getting in Tune With the Violin

I am an avid violin fan.  I find the soothing and invigorating sounds of the violin to be my favorite of all the musical instruments.   Knowing that, you would probably take me for a classical music guru or lover of the orchestra.  What type person enjoys listening to violin music?

I am neither a classic music listener nor a huge orchestra fan.  I wish I did appreciate them more but I am just not one to listen to those genres.  I am a rocker, a die-hard rock-and-roller and love alternative rock too,

So just where does the violin fit in where rock music is concerned?  Everywhere, just about!  Rock star legend, Frank Zappa, not only used violin instrumentals in his music like the song “All of My Love”, his father actually taught violin lessons.  Train uses the violin in their hit song “Drops of Jupiter”. “Everybody Finds Out” by one of my favorite groups, Fleetwood Mac, has some wonderful violin in it.  Bruce Springsteen has been known to feature the violin as well.   “Silverchair”, “Yellowcard”, “Electric Light Orchestra” and “The Who” had violin pieces too.  I mean…who knew that the violin could be so mainstream and so very cool?

If you are like me, you have been a fan of the violin for some time now and didn’t even know it.  I knew I loved the soothing sounds in a lullaby or the romance the stings bring to a wedding ceremony, but I didn’t know that many of my very best tunes have violin within.

The violin is timeless.  The origin of the violin dates way back to 1600’s with variations of it going back even further, possible to the 800’s.  It has been notable throughout history and is one of the most popular musical instruments of all.  It is played in most every country, in one form or another and is in a very wide genre of music.  The violin also adds so much to movie soundtracks and even commercial ads that come on television. The violin is everywhere and has been for a very, very long time.

The more I get to know the violin and its wonders sounds, the more I learn just how much I love it.  It is so diverse and emotional.  It can take you from somber and sad to celebration and exhilaration in a heartbeat and it can do so without you even being aware of it.  It’s a subtle but captivating sound that sometimes takes a trained ear to recognize.

I think that much of the misconception about the violin is that many do not know how to recognize the sound of it in songs.  In a classic song, people listen for the violin but it’s often overlooked otherwise.  It’s not always front and center but in so many great tunes, it’s there.  The violin has probably pulled on your heartstrings more often than you will ever know but you’ll begin to pick up on it, the more you get in tune.