Violins: I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now


You don’t have to be a geek to learn the violin.  I wish I had known that as a child because I could have had a head start on playing.

The picture in my head was of a homely little girl who wore a plaid skirted uniform and white knee socks and whose only companion was the violin on which she played.  I also thought violin lessons were reserved for the well-to-do.

I always thought that I was not near nerdy nor rich enough for the violin.  So, I never learned it as a child.  It was as an adult that I picked up a bow and was shocked at how mistaken I had been.  I regret not learning earlier but better now than never.

Now that I am a grown up, I hold a fondness in my heart for geeks anyway.  If you are a computer geek, that generally means you know a lot about computers.  If you are a gamer geek, you most likely are good at video games.  Being an expert on anything is commendable so hats off to the geek community no matter if your specialty is video gaming or violin playing.

You know how they say to be careful about making fun of the geekiest, brainiest kid in school because he or she is quite likely to be your attorney or, even better, your physician.  The same is true for violinists.  They may be playing front and center of the orchestra symphony you pay a fortune to attend or they may be on the cover of the next CD you purchase.  What is often not regarded as the coolest thing to be into as a kid can be a paradigm shift as an adult.

I experienced this change of heart while watching and listening to Lara St. John who is an awesome and talented Canadian violinist.  She is mesmerizing to listen to and has a very unique style that made me want to learn to play myself.

Lara is not your stereotyped violinist.  She is a little on the risqué side and quite hip if you ask me.  She has a cat that looks like Hitler name Kitler, has a YouTube video in which she is playing the violin with her iguana o her head and has even made music with the notorious alternative rock band from Scotland, “The Vaselines”.  I mean, come on…this lady is the coolest violin geek I’ve ever known of!

Another thing I did not realize as a youngster was that the violin is not limited to classic music.  It I found in rock, bluegrass, country and practically every type of music you can think of.  Who knew the violin could be so amazingly versatile?

To me, geek is cool now.  It probably always has been, it was just me who took some time in coming around.  The loss is mine though.  I respectfully salute those who let their passion lead them even in their younger years and can now say, “I was a violin geek before being a geek was cool”.